Arts & Crafts Enniscorthy

An establishment that has been part of the community since its opening in 1976. This delightful store, which has stood the test of time, offers a blend of haberdashery, art, and craft materials. Where the simple pleasures of life held sway. The “Arts & Crafts Enniscorthy” story isn’t just about the treasures that fill its shelves, calling forth memories of cherished childhood projects or the smell of your grandmother’s sewing room; it’s also about the love, dedication, and community spirit that keep it alive and thriving.
As a bride who had married into the business. Her husband PJ, however, chose to pursue a career in insurance, leaving Anna to embark on a remarkable journey that has spanned a lifetime. As she embraced her new role, the shop flourished under her watchful eye, growing into the creative space it is today. A proud mother of five, Anna Mai has not only nurtured the business but also raised her children in the very heart of Enniscorthy. Over the years, her children have grown alongside the shop, and the entire family has become an integral part of the town’s fabric. The love and affection Anna Mai has for her community is there for all to see, and her dedication to her customers is a testament to the importance of the human touch in the world of commerce.
At the core of this store’s enduring success is the understanding that customers play a pivotal role in its ongoing story. Anna Mai’s warm and genuine approach has allowed her to forge deep and lasting connections with her customers that goes beyond the boundaries of a simple transaction. Her knowledge, expertise, and sincere passion for her craft have endeared her to generations of Enniscorthy residents, and in return, they have repaid her with unwavering loyalty and support.
Stepping into this Enniscorthy gem feels like entering a Pandora’s box of wonder and inspiration. The shelves are brimming with an eclectic assortment of buttons, ribbons, fabrics, and art supplies that cater to every creative whim. This treasure trove is a haven for artists, crafters, and dreamers, with its vibrant colors and textures sparking endless possibilities and ideas.
But as much as it is a sanctuary for the creatively inclined, the store is also a living testament to the power of community, love, and dedication. The bond between Anna Mai and her customers is a shining example of the symbiotic relationship that can exist between a business and its patrons. And as the shop continues to stand tall on Slaney Street, it remains a beloved and vital piece of Enniscorthy’s rich tapestry.
In a world where small businesses often struggle to survive, the tale of Anna Mai’s enchanting store is a reminder that in the right hands, with love and passion, a simple shop can become so much more. The atmosphere within these walls is a testament to the enduring power of nostalgia, a gentle reminder of the values and connections that have sustained us through-out the years.

16 Slaney St, Templeshannon, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, Y21 N795

053 923 3435

Opening times: Monday- Friday


Saturday 10.00am – 5.30pm