M&M Meats

Enniscorthy butcher winner of best sausage at the Associated Craft Butchers Awards 2023 taking home gold for their low fat sausages.
Mick and Thomas Crofts from M&M Meats run their traditional butcher shop on Rafter Street. The Enniscorthy brothers, together have more than 40 years experience in the craft of butchering, so it’s safe to say that even prior to winning this crown they knew a thing or two about the humble sausage.
“Producing the perfect sausage can be a bit time-consuming, but people love them, so we’ll keep making them. It has been a fantastic success story and there’s nothing quite like a good sausage”
So there you have it, skinny, low-fat, lower fat, call them what you will, M&M’s sausages don’t have to be laden with fat to be tasty.

12 Rafter St, Templeshannon, Enniscorthy

053 923 6595

Opening times: Monday – Saturday