Sami’s Hair Parlour

Six years in any business is an impressive achievement especially in an industry where customer satisfaction is paramount. In the mediaeval times, barbers performed surgery and tooth extractions on customers as a barber was the only person with the sharp enough instruments. Thankfully, these days, a barber pole signifies a therapeutic meaning, helping customers relax and chill out while getting their haircut, treatment or shave. In an age where we can order almost anything online and have it delivered to our door, there’s something special about going to a physical location and having a conversation with someone who cares about making you look and feel your best. Sami’s Hair Parlour offers that personal touch and sense of community that’s hard to find in a digital world.

Over the past 6 years on Slaney Street Sami has built up a loyal customer base and a reputation for quality work. He has weathered the ups and downs of the economy. But through it all, he has remained true to his craft and their commitment to providing an exceptional experience for their customers.
Customers are guaranteed a warm welcome when you walk through the door and a careful attention to detail during your haircut, Sami provides an experience that goes beyond just a haircut.

22 Slaney St, Enniscorthy