Pauls Shoe Repairs

Paul’s Shoe Repair and Locksmith’ on Church Street celebrating 20 years in business. On the narrow facade you’ll only find the words ‘Pauls’ and for countless people it has become a place of regular pilgrimage when it comes to having a pair of (not so) forgotten brogues repaired.
Paul pivots to greet us from his vintage looking silver(ish) shoe-repair machine, that has fixed thousands of beloved footwears, for customers who may have worried no one else has the know-how to salvage. The work apron drapes to below his knees, the front painted with smears that you can tell it has experienced so many rescue efforts. One of the world’s oldest professions that peaked long ago…..Of course, years ago the shoes and boots were hand-made. They had quality and they were made to last. The quality isn’t in most of them today. Over the duration of our chat with Paul it is obvious the fact that shoes are mass manufactured in this day and age (mostly abroad) with a short life span. Traditionally cobblers learn the trade as a family craft. It was a job that was passed down from generation to generation and Paul followed the same route, having received the secrets from the family business of shoe alterations.

5 Church St, Enniscorthy