NMB Architects LTD.

An Enniscorthy based Architects firm appointed to design a new 352 million large scale Life Sciences project in Queensland Australia.
The Templeshannon based architectural practice (NMB Architects Ltd) has been commissioned as design architects for a new $352m plasma fractionation facility in Brisbane. The architecture is being highly acclaimed in the area and by the planning authority. Managing Director and Principal Architect of NMB Architects Ltd, Niall Byrne said: “On behalf of everyone in NMB Architects, “We have an incredible team who are dedicated to designing beautiful buildings that function seamlessly. The final deliverable of this contract is going to be a pretty special achievement, visually stunning for the public and also the staff employed within.” Niall added Aegros had bought into their vision for the project and were “forward-thinking partners” on this flagship facility.

Temple House, Second Floor, Templeshannon, Enniscorthy

053 9008 965