Enniscorthy Credit Union

Over the past 59 years many things have changed, but one thing that has remained is the consistency and member service to the community from Enniscorthy Credit Union. The historical timeline began when a group of neighbours organised a Credit Union Board in Bennett’s Hotel back in 1964 – Subsequent deposits were taken by volunteers in The Athenaeum every Friday night…membership grew steadily, and 6 years on the organisation hired the first full-time employee in their Market Square headquarters, a premises that remained in place until moving into the current purpose built facility on Abbey Square nearly 30 years ago (1994). Over the years, the Enniscorthy Credit Union has stood by its members during economic downturns, celebrated with first-time home buyers and supported countless events in between….(with a healthy track record of community sponsorships and activities). The manner in which the team interacts with its members has changed too, with the advent of technology – internet and mobile banking and current accounts – but one thing has not changed, their commitment to the relationships they form with their members. It is simple – teamwork, open communication and productivity – cooperation with members – everyone who banks with Enniscorthy Credit Union is a member – owner; that makes it a pretty special place!
We know the individuals who floated the idea would be extremely proud of Liz and her team to see the credit union they founded is thriving, serving more than 30,000 members inside the community.

Abbey Square, Enniscorthy,