Heavenly Café

Introducing the Heavenly Café, on Weafer Street. The new eatery opened its doors a month ago, and since then, it has been a whirlwind of success, praise, and pet-friendly smiles. Run by the passionate and experienced husband and wife duo, Alberto and Anastasija, the café offers a unique blend of Irish, Italian, and Lithuanian culinary delights. vibrant and modern interior is a reflection of the energetic and innovative spirit of its owners.
Alberto and Anastasija believe that love and passion are the secret ingredients to their success. This sentiment is evident in every aspect of the café, from the carefully crafted menu to the warm and inviting atmosphere. visitors have fallen head over heels for the delectable dishes, and the café has quickly become a favourite destination for dog walkers, thanks to its charming outdoor seating area.
As the weather continues to improve, the couple plans to improve the outdoor space even further, making it an even more enticing spot for customers and their furry friends. Open six days a week, the Heavenly Café also offers its colourful setting for parties between 5-9pm, ensuring that the love and passion can be shared by all.
The mouth-watering homemade desserts are worth mentioning, with options like Torta Caprese, crepes, and a delightful kids menu. Their sweet treats are a testament to the diverse culinary influences that have shaped Alberto and Anastasija’s journey.
Having lived in Dublin for years, the couple eventually found their way to Enniscorthy, where they fell in love with the property that would become Heavenly Café. Their decision to set up the café has not only enriched their lives but also the lives of the local community, who have embraced the couple and their incredible culinary talents with open arms.

 65 Weafer St, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, Y21 AC81

083 306 2701

Opening times: Monday – Saturday