Ireland’s first fully passive commercial building has opened in Enniscorthy

The building, Senan House, has opened in Enniscorthy Technology Park, located just outside the Slaneyside town.

Spearheaded by Moyne Point, the ambitious new building is aimed at delivering new space and opportunities for businesses wishing to locate in Enniscorthy and measures 40,000 sq ft of floor area.

Senan House has already begun to attract primarily technology-based businesses including GreenTech HQ whose founder, Ed Murphy, is also chairperson of the recently formed Enniscorthy Forum which recently signed an MOU with the United Nation’s Environment Programme (UNEP) as part of an overall goal of progressing the move to zero energy housing practices within the building sector.

GreenTech HQ, in Senan House, was also the location for the launch of a national initiative called The People’s Transition which is being piloted in Enniscorthy before being rolled out in other areas of the country.

The scheme is aimed at helping communities make the transition towards a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly way of living.

GreenTech HQ’s sustainability and innovation hub is located in Senan House and

Pinergy SolarElectric, one of Ireland’s rapidly expanding solar energy enterprises, is also located there.

It’s expected that Wexford County Council will also be utilising a co-location space in the building while international financial services group, Azets, and Curam Healthcare, have also selected Senan House as the base for their operational hub.