Enjoy Enniscorthy Shortlisted For Digital Rising Star in The Digital Town Awards

Exciting news! We are proud to announce that Enjoy Enniscorthy has been nominated for the prestigious Digital Town Awards, as a ‘Digital Rising Star.’ Last year conversations were ignited regarding a prospective town initiative aimed at narrating the enchanting tale of Enniscorthy. Today’s nomination of Enjoy Enniscorthy’s media hub signifies the fruitful outcome of relentless labour over several months. This nomination underscores our collective aspiration to bolster the digital footprint of the town, its businesses, and the communities within the district, with the goal of playing a pivotal role in this endeavour.
We once again would like to thank the tireless members of the Re-imagining Enniscorthy committee for their efforts and dedication, which have granted our team the opportunity to share Enniscorthy’s fascinating story with the world. This narrative delves into the town’s historical roots and brings to light the dynamic communities that have sculpted it into the thriving and vibrant town we love today.
The Digital Town Awards are not just about recognising technological accomplishments; they are about celebrating the power of local communities to come together and use digital tools to create a brighter and more connected future. In Enniscorthy, we believe that every resident, visitor, business, and community has a role to play in the digital revolution, and that by working together, we can overcome challenges and create new opportunities for growth and prosperity.
From the world’s tiniest media hub, bursting with unmatched character.
Thank you